Improve the appearance of our abdomen

As summer is here and at least in Mexico City are finally experiencing some warmth and sunshine, but in the rest of Mexico hacĂ­”a several weeks they had it. Many of you already have your summer holidays just around the corner and are wondering how they can better deliver their abs to show off in a swimsuit.


Then I leave basic and simple tips to improve the appearance of our abdomen in the summer.
Something that constantly mentioned on this site, is that abdominal work is not only done in the gym, but also in the kitchen.
In fact, there are two basic conditions that must fulfill in order to bring out the muscles of our abdomen: the first is to have those muscles toned and exercised and the second seems to me that even more important is to have very little fat on our abdomen.
It is absolutely essential to have a low fat percentage for abs “look” is of little use to exercise them much (aesthetically speaking) if always going to have a layer of fat that tape. So it is important to remember that the most important thing is to do many abdominal exercises but take care of food to detail.
That said, we go with the basic tips for six pack look in the summer:
Keep discipline
The difference between having marked abs and not have them is minimal, 1% or 2% more fat and lose that aspect marking you had. Small details make the difference, so that rigorous and avoids the typical sins summer (ice cream, beer, scrapes, etc.)
1. Drink water, just water
It is always important to stay hydrated, but now more than ever need to drink water and especially stay away from alcohol and soft drinks.
2. Be smart with carbohydrates.
Carbohydrates are an important part of our diet and are indispensable to give us the energy to train. But excessively penalize us in our goal, so that measures well and do not overdo carbohydrates, especially from mid-afternoon. It is best taken in the morning or at noon.

3. Assist with supplements that work
Today there are hundreds of products that assure us get the coveted six pack. Waters! Do not fall into the trap, only some supplements with green tea, caffeine or guarana can be very useful to speed up metabolism and burn more. Moreover whey protein low carb milk can be an ideal to replace or supplement accompany some meals.
4. Train more intensely
Train more intensely, leaving little time between sets and giving 100% in each session. It’s time to get everything you have saved !.
5. Make high intensity intervals
Also known as HIIT. This training consists of very short intervals (30 seconds to 1 minute and a half) race on foot, bike or elliptical at a very high intensity, touching every effort to thereupon descend to a lower intensity for a period somewhat higher (2 or 3 minutes). It is proved that this training has benefits on the cardiovascular classic.

Your abdominal exercises

Yes, everything in life has an order and in this case they alter the product, so you must learn to do your abdominal exercises in the proper order and thus achieve your goal of reducing waist and muscle definition.
While we talked to work everyday abdomen is the worst error to get the coveted six-pack, there is a sequence that experts recommend and is as follows:
Always start working transverse abdominals.
This is a constrictor muscle of the abdomen, embrace your belly like a belt and therefore its function is to reduce and limit the distension of the rest of the abdominal muscles.
Then you have to work your lower abs.
Start with exercises involving transverse muscles by lateral movements and then continues with the central lower abdominal area, preferably looking exercises where muscles are activated as auxiliary to the transverse abdominals.
Continue commonly known as lateral abdominal

They are responsible for lateral movements, hence its popular name.

Follow the upper abs
Le upper abdomen shrinks more than the bottom. All years has shown that muscle activity of rectus abdominis is greater than that in the bottom, both trunk lifting exercises, as in the leg and pelvis.
Closes with abdominal isometric

They are highly recommended because they manage to involve a very effective transverse and oblique abdominal mode and also strengthens all the abdominal waist, including the lumbar region. Isometric let you work all your muscles in this area following the proper order: central, superior oblique and transverse inner side, bottom and are very suitable to accelerate the reduction of waist circumference.


One of the exercises you should not miss in your exercise routine are squats. They can help improve your fitness and get results fast. Squats are a relatively easy exercise, you do not need special equipment to make them and can do almost anywhere.
Although commonly classified as a leg exercise, other muscular areas, especially the abdomen also are exercised. Here you will find six benefits of squats.
Muscles throughout the body are strengthened. Squats obviously help strengthen leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings and calves), but also create an anabolic environment conducive to strengthening other muscles of the body. When squats are done properly, testosterone and growth hormone is released, you help muscle development and improve muscle mass, even when working other areas of your body substances. For this reason it is said that squats can help strengthen your lower body and upper body.
Burn fat. One of the most efficient ways to burn more calories is gaining muscle mass. For every kilo of muscle you gain, your body burns between 100-140 more calories per day. If you gain 5 kilos of muscle, you’ll burn between 500-700 calories more per day.
They will give you mobility and balance. Squats are one of the best exercises to increase leg strength. Having strong legs is crucial to keep moving as they age. Also like squats also work the abdominal muscles help stabilize your body and therefore improve your balance.
Help prevent injury. The vast majority of sports injuries are due to weak stabilizing muscles, like ligaments and connective tissues. Precisely, squats help strengthen structures are. They also improve flexibility and balance, and perfecting the range of motion of the ankles and hips.
Increase athletic performance. It has been shown that the force generated when doing squats helps improve athletic performance, especially when it comes to jump higher and run faster.
Tone your lower back, buttocks, abdomen and legs. Squats are considered as a multipurpose exercise because several muscles, buttocks, abdomen, legs work
To improve your health is important to consider a balanced routine that includes aerobic, strength and stretching. As you can see, include squats in your exercise routine can bring many benefits to your body and being.

Exercise is a habit that we acquire

Exercise is a habit that we acquire. It is recommended that some form of physical activity for 30 minutes every day. However, the “lack of time” (which should not be an excuse) does not permit exercise ourselves as we would like or maybe you’re bored with your fitness routine. This note will see three routines to tone your whole body from the comfort of your home, which can be a challenge. Do you dare?

These routines make up the movement of large muscle groups through plyometrics, strength to weight of our own body, cardioboxeo, the use of dumbbells (get a pair, worth!) And a grinding routine abdominal inspired in sweeping movements.
For starters, this routine is my favorite. I performed three times a week and it is really effective. Work biceps, triceps, quadriceps, abdomen, back, chest, shoulders, and so on. Start with an active warming that will make your heart pump bleeds all your muscles are ready for the routine. Throughout the thirty minutes that session, the exercises become a little more demanding, but the final movements of stretching are very rewarding it will be worth the effort, plus coach Anna Renderer makes it very entertaining routine with funny comments and clear instructions to do the exercises with modifications if you are a beginner.

To my intense! In just 10 minutes you have a full barre routine for the abdomen. When performing these exercises I felt humiliated by not being able to complete the series. I’ll keep trying. I know I can do it consistently. I invite the make. The ball is slightly easier, but is challenging kept in balance.

And finally this routine for 50 minutes is more relaxed but just as effective. Prepare your best jabs, cross, hook and kicks to increase your metabolism and lose weight.

So no excuses !. You have three options to get you moving, fun and challenge you at the same time.

Cardiovascular exercise

Sometimes we think that cardiovascular exercise (the “burn fat”) need to invest much time, equipment needed or have to leave home to run, go cycling or doing other aerobic activity. But there are simple ways to do cardio at home with very little equipment.

The exercise would be included in a more general routine, but for those who hide behind the lack of time, money, material or excessive obligations, not bad remind you that with a little exercise daily health and mood notice a positive change, and to do aerobic exercise at home with very few requirements.
Jumping rope: Who says camber says a rope adapt for this use. Just do not forget to choose the appropriate length of rope. Cheaper impossible, even buy a rope nor is it very expensive. Jumping rope is an exercise that requires coordination of movement, balance, strength and endurance. It is a very effective intense exercise, requiring so little time and a minimum of material. Viton you can read more about skipping this article.
Jumping Jacks: A classic. Simple, but effective. The exercise we did as children in PE, and coming out in almost all movies military training … It’s an exercise in which, standing, you have to jump and legs apart while slap on head, then jump and attach the legs, returning to leave hands down along the body again. I think I’ve explained so that means.
Burpees: It is an exercise that most of you already know, even fear. It is a demanding exercise, because it is very open to changes and include more and more demands. It starts from a standing position, crouch, throw yourself down doing a push-up from that position you reincorporas, you stand up and give it a Vertica jump. Repeat and repeat, and you’ll see as you start to sweat.
Mountain climbers: Exercise climber. It is recommended to start slowly to learn the technique, then gradually increase the speed.
Jumping with knees to chest: The name says it all. You standing with legs spread to the width of the shoulders, a jump occurs, raising the knees as if we take them to the chest. Repeat, being careful not to disturb the neighbors below if it is nap time.
Everything is consumer taste. You can do any of the above exercises alone or combine several for a training program. As with any exercise, initially will have to start slowly, acquiring good mechanical and technical exercise, then increase the intensity, reduce the rest time, etc.
To advance the progression can combine these or other exercises that use body weight within a HIIT cirtcuito. We have an example in this article about HIIT at home. It’s a good way to train multiple muscle groups doing HIIT with little need for equipment, using elements that we usually have at home, or are easily available.
There are many more examples to work cardio at home. What can you think of that I find it useful to highlight?